Children get creative learning in the chemistry laboratory. Students are enthusiastic about the lab sessions. They listen to the classes well and try to explore the facts behind the concepts. Our chemistry lab is well maintained and ventilated as per the safety norms. Teachers support them in learning the experiments and their facts through chemical processes.
We have a vast biology lab where our students love to spend their time learning. Our teachers and staff are always at their support and supervise them for extensive learning. By regularly working in the labs, students get the ease of investigating facts. They get interested in learning concepts and develop a mind for analysis.
Every child is unique and masters the world right from here. We have one on one computer access with well-experienced staff. This state-of-the-art lab aids students in learning technologies using innovative software and presentations. Our children are comfortable working small presentations using the systems and showcasing their creativity


Indoor Games

We give importance to physical training. Our exceptional staff train our students to be dexterous and grow in this competitive world with enthusiasm and strength. Our campus has all the infrastructure for the enjoyment of students when it comes to indoor games. By playing often, we observed improvement in concentration and reflex action in the students.

Cultural Activities

Our students are happy to attend classes and school. We conduct many cultural activities where children participate and learn based on their interests. Students entice splendours of colours, welcome the sounds and moves of music. They also learn to express their learnings through drama, painting, writing, and other art forms.



We have lush green grounds giving wide horizons of enjoyment and wellness for the students. Often, students play matches, games and bring out their sportive spirit. They get a chance to learn new sports and play to their excellence. We have individual facilities for both primary and secondary students.