About the logo

At Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya, we believe that the art of acquiring knowledge is one way to enter the sea of enlightenment.
Hence, our logo is an amalgamation of traditional values of the Indian system and modern ideas, facilitating passion through perseverance. It echoes Knowledge, Wisdom, Learning Arts, Performing Arts, Music and Speech. It signifies supreme knowledge. Courage, Compassion, Equality and Integrity, which also form the foundation stone of the management’s philosophy. It also shares the management’s passion to facilitate, inculcate and instill these four values in all the students of Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya.

Red is the color of fire. It represents energy – it is the color of Courage –It signifies physical strength as much as it represents mental resolve. Like Fire, Courage is a source of energy that drives the ‘world of action’ and facilitates journey from imagination to fulfillment.

Blue Integrity tops all character values existent in the world – it is possibly the most supreme of all virtues that a human can possess. In fact, it is often said that there isn’t any virtue as virtuous as ‘Integrity’. A human being with high on integrity is complete in his character and divine in his attitude. Such a regal virtue is symbolized by a Blue Sky which is Absolute, All-pervading and All-encompassing – which is complete by its wholeness and divine by its inclusiveness.

Our Philosophy

Unchanging values in changing times.

Our Vision

To nurture young minds, to focus on their holistic development, and to develop their moral, ethical, human, and spiritual values so that each child may develop Character and Confidence with a deep-rooted passion in pursuit of excellence.

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Our Mission

Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya (SAAV) seeks to create a challenging yet conducive learning environment. Our learning methods inspire excellence and encourage high performance through the engagement of varied instructions which caters to individual differences and learning styles
At SAAV, we promote a safe, caring, and supportive environment where every person can learn from and respect one another. We have also designed the use of innovative techniques to enhance life-long learning through technology, multiple intelligence, varied instructional strategies, and interdisciplinary connections.
We promote Sportsmanship and School Spirit! We share our diverse cultural backgrounds to nurture growth and responsibility while at the same time celebrate our diversity within a positive school atmosphere.

The Management

Mr. G M Chandrashekar

The Leadership

Mr. G M Chandrashekar– Managing Trustee of Rathanamma Mariswamy Foundations the and founder Director of Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya. He is a firm believer in the dictum “Indian Culture & Value-Based Education ”

The Trustees

Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya was established in 2003 under the patronage of the Rathanamma Mariswamy Foundations