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Ideal student teacher ratio achieved through our dedicated teachers motivated by love for children and passion for teaching. SAAV offers a conducive atmosphere to make learning fun for your child instead of being sensed as a burden.

Very high focus on inculcating value-orientation amongst children including adopting Indian culture, respecting parents, teachers and elders, discipline, patriotism, compassion for others and developing an attitude of helping the needy and leading to overall development of your child into a fine, complete and responsible human being.

Spacious classrooms specially designed to have good access to natural light. Classrooms for younger kids, empowering teachers to transform traditional blackboard-and-chalk classroom into an interactive and engaging session for increased learning and retention. Unique features of Smart board include touch-screen, facility to pre-load content, write-on-board and auto-save options.

100% CCTV enabled campus with 24×7 deployment of professionally trained Security Guards to ensure complete safety and security of your child.

Adequately staffed, safe & secure GPS (Global Positioning System) enabled transportation with live information on location and movement of school bus.

Well-equipped library, computer labs, art and activity rooms with attractive, colorful and child-friendly furniture to make learning an enjoyable experience.